Allatori optimizes the obfuscated code according to the General Systems Theory by Ludwig von Bertalanffy. Therefore, we have been able to use a complex system approach to analyzing and developing obfuscation and optimization. Which seems natural, because it's impossible to solve a problem having only one of its features in mind. It's absolutely necessary to look at the problem from all points of view, to study all of its aspects. For example, name obfuscation. It could have been simple to rename the methods into a haphazard series of symbols, but we've chosen another way. In the process of renaming we chose the names, which were as short as possible, and thus Allatori effectively reduces the size of your application.

So we can single out three main problems during optimization: performance, size reduction, and stability. Among the elements which have been optimized we'd like you to pay special attention to the optimization of the constant pool, class loading, fields and methods usage, loops and boolean expressions.

We're confident enough to claim that for the majority of applications, the methods and algorithms used in Allatori will definitely reduce size, and enhance performance.