Sooner or later every software developer realizes the fact that he must not only support the product he makes and update it constantly, trying to improve it in all the possible ways, but simultaneously protect it. In our epoch of information technologies and rapidly changing markets these rules are the only way to succeed in the software development business.

Taking into consideration the fact that most intellectual property costs a lot of time - not mentioning the money - the desire to keep this information in secret becomes apparent.

That's what we - the representatives of Smardec Inc. - were thinking of, when we decided to create the Allatori obfuscator. And now, leaving the difficult process of development behind, we are proud to declare that we haven't spent our time and energy in vain. We are ready to offer you the amazing result of our efforts - the obfuscator, which is inarguably better than its rivals. Besides, during our research we have managed to create strong business relations between the Belarusian State University (BSU) and our company. We should pay a special tribute to Dr. Igor Bogdanov, whose scientific research in cryptography and information security has given a stimulus to the development of Allatori.

Our main goal is to offer you services and products of high quality at a reasonable price. Allatori has become one more testimony to this fact. Having taken all the best of what the human mind has invented in the realm of code protection, our obfuscator is available to many software developers, whose aim is to protect their secrets and know-how - which effectively means to protect their future.

Use Allatori, because it's been created especially for you.

Allatori Team.